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Problems with Cells

Cells are not balancing, but should be

For a detailed description of how balancing on the Orion BMS works, please see “How Balancing Works” in the operational manual. Balancing only occurs when power is applied to the CHARGE power pin, causing the BMS to enter into CHARGE mode. For balanc

Replacing one or more cells

If a cell within a battery pack fails or is damaged, it may need to be replaced. While a properly configured and properly integrated BMS can protect the cells from over voltage, under voltage, over current and over temperature, it cannot prevent cell

Internal resistance values are incorrect (by a significant amount)

This problem can be caused by. Backwards current sensor. Current sensor wiring issue (or no current sensor.). Loose cell tap wire, internal damage to the BMS (blown cell tap fuse). BMS has not been able to measure the resistance yet and is using defa

High resistance cell

Resolving the issue:. Step 1. Check the busbars to ensure they are tight. Most of the high resistance issues turn out to be a loose connection or faulty crimps (if applicable), so it is worth checking closely. High impedance from a loose connection w