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Problems with Charging and State of Charge

J1772 Troubleshooting

This document serves as a guide to assist in troubleshooting the most common issues encountered relating to the SAE J1772 charging protocol when used with the Orion 2 BMS product line. Please see below for suggested diagnostic steps for frequently re

CANBUS Elcon Charger isn’t charging, but should be (for standard Orion BMS)

Start with everything setup such that the charger should be charging the batteries. Step 1. Open the BMS utility and select File -> Connect to the BMS. If you are unable to connect ot the BMS, see the Troubleshooting Guide on http://orionbms.com/trou

Charger turns off before battery pack reports full state of charge

A charger may shut off before the Orion BMS reports the programmed maximum state of charge for several reasons. The vast majority of problems relating to chargers turning off before the BMS reports maximum state of charge turn out to be chargers prog

Diagnosing State of Charge Calculation Jumps

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Orion BMS cannot calculate state of charge without a current sensor or if there is a current sensor fault! A current sensor fault or use without a current sensor will result in very inaccurate SOC calculations which jump rapidly.

Discharge or charge relay turns off too soon

Possible Causes:. Resolving the issue:. Step 1. Plot the battery pack current and the current limits on the Live Graphing section of the utility to see if the limit is being reduced to 0A when the relay turns off. If this is the case, then the BMS is

Cell voltages drop after the charge completes

Cell voltages drop after the charge completes. This is often the normal behavior of the cell. A cell’s voltage will rise when it is being charged and will begin to drop somewhat after the charge current has been removed. This is a result of many fact