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Problems with the Orion Jr. BMS

No cell voltages appear (Orion Jr. BMS)

Note: If the BMS has been damaged by previous wiring errors, do not continue to use the BMS. Contact Ewert Energy for evaluation and repair options. Note: If the “Live Cell Voltages” tab in the BMS utility is grayed out (unable to be clicked), the ut

Problems connecting to the Orion Jr. BMS unit via PC software

Diagnosing communication problems can be frustrating since there are many possible causes, and communication either works or doesn’t work. The following steps resolve most communications problems. Please attempt the following steps before contacting

Orion Jr. BMS does not power up (LED stays off)

The Orion Jr. BMS has an optional low power shutdown that can limit the amount of power drawn from a dead battery. If the Orion Jr. BMS is not powering up, this low power shutdown is likely the cause, particularly if the battery pack was discharged j