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Problems with Voltages

No cell voltages appear (Orion Jr. BMS)

Note: If the BMS has been damaged by previous wiring errors, do not continue to use the BMS. Contact Ewert Energy for evaluation and repair options. Note: If the “Live Cell Voltages” tab in the BMS utility is grayed out (unable to be clicked), the ut

Not all cell voltages appear in live cell data

This issue can be caused by incorrect cell population settings, wiring errors,, not enough cells in a cell group (wiring error), cell voltages too low, a BMS utility problem, incorrect size of BMS or internal damage to the BMS. Resolving the issue:.

Cell voltages appear incorrect (when under load)

When cell voltages are correct while sitting, but appear incorrect when the pack is under load, the cause is usually a loose terminal on a battery, a high impedance connection between two cells (such as a long cable, fuse or disconnect), not enough c

Diagnosing Incorrect Cell Voltage Readings

This document is intended to assist in diagnosing voltage readings that are incorrect while the battery pack is at rest (no current entering or leaving the battery pack) only. If the voltage inaccuracies only show up when the battery pack is in use t